laurence dougal myers


A background graphics compressor/decompressor for SCUMM v2, v5 and v6 resources.

For V5/6, it only compresses losslessly and without transparency. Normally, it leaves lots of room for the basic EGA palette and any colours used by sprites (an advanced system would reconcile all sprites used in a room and their colours with the background's palette), so backgrounds are limited to 160 colours by default, but this can be configured. Images must be PNG, and requires game resources contained within an "LFLF" directory as dumped/accepted by ScummPacker.

For V2, it works on resources output from scummrp.

There is also experimental support for V1 resources, including object images, as output by scummrp; however, it does not look like scummrp can insert the generated resources back into the original games files. I'm not sure why. Note that scummrp also does not output the common colour palette; you can use the included v1col_extract and v1col_insert tools to get this information.

Full instructions are available in the Readme.txt file included.


Latest Version

v2 r2 (2012-02-12)
  • Add support for encoding/decoding V2 graphics.
  • Add experimental support for encoding/decoding V1 graphics.
  • Big code restructure.
  • Add tests & example images/resources.


These downloads are for version:
v2 r2

(Older downloads can be found on the "History" tab)


v2 r1 (2011-04-25)

Release Notes

  • Updated to work with ScummPacker v3
  • New option to "freeze" the palette, preventing the original palette from being updated.
  • New option to specify the quantization (number of colours in the palette)
  • License changed from "public domain" to the MIT/X11 license.

v1 r2 (2009-05-12)

Release Notes

  • Now useable without having to edit the source code.
  • Fixed idiotic bug that prevented encoding from working with 8-bit PNGs.

v1 r1 (2009-05-12)

Release Notes

  • Initial release (labelled as v1 r13).
  • Support SCUMM V5 and V6 resources, as output by ScummPacker.