laurence dougal myers

DRO Trimmer v4 r2 has been released.

  • New: dro_player: can now render songs to WAV files.
  • New: dro_player: can solo channels during playback, using keys from 0-9.
  • New: dro_split: new command line tool, to render each channel to a separate WAV file.
  • Fix: Reduced memory consumption, at the cost of CPU performance. On my PC, the command line player uses 3mb of RAM, vs 10mb. The normal GUI will still take over 30mb due to the use of WxWidgets. (This also has resulted in a streamlined codebase)
  • Fix: some multithreading issues.
  • Fix: improved dialog message when incorrect song length.
  • Fix: better usage text for command line tools.
  • Fix: OPL emulation was not reset between plays, so for example, volume changes could persist between playing from the start of a song and immediately playing from the beginning again.
Python Source (72.7 KB)

Win32 Executable (5.5 MB)

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