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Welcome! Our game is called Battle School, and it is based on the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Battle School is a top-down action/strategy game that can be played over a network by two players. Each player takes control of a team of military trainees and guides them to victory in various futuristic games and competitions. To familiarize trainees with weightlessness, all games take place in a special zero gravity room. The very fate of the world may depend on the outcome of these competitions, so download today!



Battle School is available for various Windows-based platforms.

Click here to download Battle School! (1.9 MB)


Screenshot 1 (Practice) Screenshot 2 (Gate Assault) Screenshot 3 (Target Shoot) Screenshot 4 (Zero Ball) Screenshot 5 (Secret! What could it be?)


Team Funktapus
blobfromheck - Programming, design, website content
jestar jokin - Unit art, original sounds, website design
Keith Spinn (Khanstant) - Environmental art, program icon

dualR - Team icons

Additional Art (Used with permission)
Michael Schaeffer
Zifei Wu
Vera Nuckles

Additional Sounds "borrowed" from Megaman X and Doom 2

Team Funktapus 2007